Meeting room - audiovisual - technical support

The meeting will take place at the «Hesperides» Hall and the meeting secretariat will operate at the «Hesperides» foyer during the sessions. The meeting room will be equipped with data video projectors, laser pointers etc for power point presentations. Technical support center will be available outside the «Hesperides» Hall. Technical staff will assist with the presentations. All speakers are kindly requested to submit their presentation at least one hour prior to their scheduled presentation.

CME Accreditation

The content of the meeting will be submitted for CME accreditation. Accreditation will be received from the Panhellenic Medical Association.

Name badges

All registered participants will receive name badges, which they are kindly requested to wear at all times. Each badge will have a barcode for monitoring the hours of attendance.

Certificate of Attendance

All registered participants who have attended at least 60% of the total scientific program will receive a certificate of attendance from the secretariat desk after the closing ceremony.