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The recent, increasing amount of knowledge regarding lung cancer, especially in the field of basic science, holds promise for personalized treatment of these patients that would provide more effective and less toxic therapeutic approaches, improving the prognosis of the patients with thoracic malignancies. On the other hand, the immense bulk and the rapid recycling of the new information makes difficult its understanding, evaluation and interpretation by the clinicians. Therefore, the «translation» of our recently acquired knowledge from the lab bench to the bedside is neither smooth nor is it without obstructions, due to the existing «gaps» in our understanding and the often contradictory
«signals» from clinical trials.


The success of our four previous meetings has prompted us to organize the 5th Lung Cancer Network «From the Bench to the Bedside». Our aim is to narrow the distance between the bench lab and the patient’s bed, between the clinical trials outcome and the routine practice, by bringing together basic scientists, clinical researchers and lung cancer specialists. Our multidisciplinary, international faculty will present the latest clinical data and provide treating physicians with practical information regarding the clinical significance of the histological, molecular and genetic profile of the tumor and how the implementation of targeted agents in the therapeutic algorithm changes the clinical practice of lung cancer patients.


Finally, we anticipate that our meeting, with the presence of our distinguished faculty, would provide the opportunity and motivation for discussions regarding the emerging therapies and set the pavement for the future research and strategies towards the personalized treatment of lung cancer patients.


We cordially welcome you all in Athens in January 18-20 2018 for a stimulating, innovative and educational meeting.


Learning Objectives


At the end of our educational meeting, the participant will be able to:

  • Recognize the clinical significance of molecular genotyping of lung cancer patients
  • Understand the molecular pathways that hold promise for therapeutic intervention in lung cancer patients
  • Update of Immunotherapy strategies for lung cancer
  • Discuss the optimal methodology of evaluation of response in the era of translational research
  • Recognize the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the care of lung cancer patients




  • Neuroendocrine lung cancer update
  • Tumor heterogeneity
  • Prognostic and predictive tumor Markers
  • Molecular signaling of LC
  • NSCLC driver oncogenes
  • Immunotherapy
  • Evaluation of response
  • Master protocols in lung cancer
  • Agents related toxicity management
  • Newer generation TKIs inhibitors


Target Audience

The meeting is designed for medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, pathologists, chest physicians, scientists, residents-in-training, fellows and other health care professionals interested in the basic and clinical research as well as in the management of thoracic cancers.



The Chairs of the Meeting


Kostas Syrigos, MD, PhD

Professor & Head of Medicine and Medical Oncology,
Athens University School of Medicine, Greece,
Vis. Professor Yale School of Medicine, USA

David Rimm, MD, PhD

Professor, Director of Translational Pathology,
Yale University School of Medicine, USA
Face3 2
Yesim Eralp, MD
Professor of Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine
Istanbul University Institute of Oncology,
Istanbul, Turkey
Dimitrios Kardamakis
Professor, Radiation Oncology
Dean of School of Health Sciences
University of Patras Medical School,
Patra, Greece

Learning Objectives & Topics

5th Lung Cancer Network «From the Bench to the Bedside»

4th Lung Cancer Network «From the Bench to the Bedside»

4th Lung Cancer Network «From the Bench to the Bedside»

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